How to register a Private limited Company? In fact, Whom should you contact to start your "Pvt ltd company ?.  Is it a Lawyer or an Auditor or a Chartered accountant? Moreover, Some people may recommend Company secretary too.  


How to register a Private limited Company? Whom  should you contact to start your "Private limited company? Contact a Lawyer or an Auditor CA

Register a Private limited company in India

In any case, let us take any business, a Food store or a Real estate company, one must register to avail the whole benefit out of it. Company legal consultants are here at our firm will surely help you start your own company.

Private Limited Company Registration (PLC Registration) is a popular way to start a business in India. This offers benefits such as the protection of limited responsibility to the founders, the existence of separate laws, better credibility, and ease of collecting external funds. Therefore, startups and progressive business, with higher risks and growth aspirations, prefer company structures. This is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the Companies Act, 2013.

Why do you have to choose to register your company?

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Why do you have to register a Pvt ltd company?

Limited responsibility from shareholders
By registering as a PLC in India, the owner can limit their obligations to their capital contribution commitment. Their personal assets are protected from large losses or debt in business, unlike partnership and ownership companies.

The existence of a separate law

The company enjoys the existence of a separate law from the owner. This can enter the contract, the assets themselves, and demand a third party in their own name. As a different entity, he has an eternal existence and even beyond the life span of members.

Clarity in management and ownership

While shareholders are business owners, management decisions are made by the company director. This helps business to benefit from professional management without polluting ownership for promoters and shareholders.

Ease of collecting funds

Being a very obedient structure, banks prefer loans to companies and LLP. PVT LTD Company offers the main advantage such as ease of transfer of ownership and protection of limited responsibility for the owner. Investors such as venture financiers, private equity companies, and HNI chose to invest in limited private companies.

Documents required for registration of company limited private company online

PAN and AADHAAR cards from all shareholders and Director of India

Proof of identity

ID, passport or SIM from shareholders and director.

Proof of address

Copies of telephone bills, electricity bills, or the latest bank account reports on shareholders and directors


Photo of the latest passport size from all shareholders and directors

Proof of business address

One of the latest utility bills (electricity, telephone, gas, water) or property tax bills from the registered office address. Rental agreement and NOC from the owner in a rental property case

How to decide the name of the company

Unique name
Different names that are not registered companies or trademarks have a better opportunity for the approval of the name of the MCA

Business activities

The second part of the name should ideally suggest the company's business activities

Suffix name

The company's name will end with PVT. Ltd. or private limited company 

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